CSR & Sustainability

Policy on CSR and Sustainability:

The Tactical Five is dedicated to working toward sustainable development and cultivating a culture of sustainability as well as environmental and social responsibility among its employees and members.
The Tactical Five encourages sustainability governance and leadership, collaborates to avoid and reduce our activities' negative effects on society and the environment, reduce our environmental footprint, and work toward a more sustainable organization.


  • Include community investment considerations in your business practices and decision-making.
  • By acting sustainably, we can learn from, respect, and improve the communities in which we operate.
  • Integrate initiatives to reduce and avoid waste that focus on making the most of space, time, and materials.
  • Be ethical, safe, and socially responsible in your business.
  • Engage with our suppliers to boost our supply chain's sustainability performance.
  • Try to promote and provide energy solutions that are less polluting and more effective.
  • Consider the environmental, social, and financial advantages of CSR and sustainability initiatives as part of the "triple bottom line."
  • Obtain goals and put into action the actions identified in the following sustainability priority areas: water, energy, waste, social and economic factors, office and venue buildings, procurement, human resources, and administration -Seeks to set a good example in CSR and sustainability.

We are responsible for interacting with:

  1. Our target market
  2. Our surroundings
  3. Our Community
  4. Our People


We are aware that some of the things we do every day can hurt the environment. Our sustainability policy is to reduce our negative effects on the environment.
Our Focus on the Environment

By the following, Tactical Five promises to implement this policy throughout the company:

  • Maximizing our activities' emission savings
  • Reducing waste and resource use to a minimum
  • Adhering to all applicable environmental laws
  • Keeping the ISO 14001 standard in place at all of the operational locations of the Tactical Five
  • Educating employees about our sustainability goals
  • Internally and externally reporting progress and communicating it
  • Acting in a way that is socially and morally responsible
  • Taking advantage of any and all opportunities to influence our suppliers, partners, and subcontractors to boost their environmental performance.

Meetings and Trips:

  • Except in exceptional circumstances where the alternatives are impractical or cost prohibitive, you can attend meetings, site visits, etc. by walking, cycling, or taking public transportation.
  • Reduce your reliance on air travel and actively promote train travel when traveling to Europe.
  • When alternatives like teleconferencing, video conferencing, or web cams, as well as efficient meeting timing, are available and practical, avoid physically traveling to meetings and other events. In addition, these choices frequently save more time while maintaining the advantages of regular contact with partners and customers.
  • By promoting the use of public transportation, walking, biking, and low-emission vehicles, we can reduce the amount of time our employees spend traveling.

Actionable Steps:

  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, and batteries.
  • Reduce the amount of paper and other office supplies we use, such as double-sided all paper, and look for ways to cut down on waste.
  • All printing consumables are recycled.
  • Purchase energy-efficient office equipment and practice good housekeeping to reduce energy consumption.
  • If at all possible, get your electricity from a company that supports renewable energy. Attempt to use as much renewable energy as possible and encourage investment in new renewable energy programs