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The fact that this organization has been around for two generations has been a source of pride for Tactical Five. Because of this, our company is able to work with the organization's credibility and professional standing. This is the place where work is done with care and professional concern, taking into account all of the needs, wants, and instructions of customers when making a product.

We also produce "Handmade Gold and Silver Bullion Embroidered Badges, Patches of all Kinds," "Family Crests," "Wings," "Patches," "Insignia Badges," "Cap Badges," "Banners & Flags," "Bullion Tassels," "Pins," "Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Fire Department, Law Enforcement Badges," "Forces Badges," "Clubs, Schools, College.

Every costume and uniform at Tactical FIVE HOUSE is custom-tailored with great care and professional diligence. Our goal is to meet all of your needs precisely and provide you with high-quality goods at reasonable prices. Tactical FIVE is the only company outside of the United States and the United Kingdom to produce period-appropriate uniforms.

Presenting Military Uniform, American Civil War Capi, Great Coats, Officer's Overcoat, Fatigue Blouse Dresses, Frock coat, Shell Jackets, World War One Uniforms, World War Two Uniforms, Civil war Shirts, Civil war Trousers, Civil war Khaki Field Blouse, Officer's Cloak coat, Oliskin Duster, Sack coat, Victorian Travelling coat, Ulster coat, Military Vest, New York Zouave Uniforms, Mexican

Price and Quality:

We offer the most competitive prices that are attainable for every kind of market in the world—Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and so on—and we take full responsibility for the quality of the products that are produced in our working units.

Important Features:

  • All of our products are prepared under the watchful and attentive supervision of experienced "Production Managers" in each depot. As a result, our quality is always excellent.
  • We always fulfill our delivery promise on time and with full accountability.
  • Our prices are always competitive, making them suitable for all markets.
  • Global government tenders for suppliers.
  • Kindly accept even small orders.
  • Our uniforms that are stitched are superior to others because they are consistent with history.
  • The durability and quality of the fabric are assured.
  • Specializing in the necessities of US Civil War uniforms.
  • We use strong, flexible thread that won't fade in color • We have a stricter policy than other companies when it comes to purchasing, dying, cutting, stitching, checking, pressing, and packing (both inside and outside).
  • Both the inner and outer linings are guaranteed.
  • Experts in the art of pattern cutting
  • Belt and fly perfection are guaranteed when sewing pants, trousers, and other garments.


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